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The owner of this blog has moved. You can now find her at Odd One Out: Reality with a refreshing slice of aspie.

:) Come on down!

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Just A Note

The author of this blog is still alive and kicking. However, she (I?) has opted to change blogs in order to represent her new status in life. Thus, the journey continues, but not here.

So follow the white rabbit home. stoP And Inch North

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[ 4.4.04 ]


Whatever you do, don't CLICK HERE.

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[ 16.3.04 ]


does it not comfort you to realize that we are all ultimately alone in this universe?

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[ 27.1.04 ]




Down the shit hole go we.

Nothing done to stop it.

Helpless, hiding, hellhole

Nada here.

What can you do?


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[ 17.5.03 ]


You are burning
You are burning

What Self-Mutilation Are You?
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[ 4.5.03 ]


I write a column on This is a reflection that I wrote about that column name, Odd One Out."

Have you ever thought about how one's column name represents that person?

The column name is created (at least in my case) due to that person's feelings at the time when they first get a column.

I was thinking the other day that even though my column name still fits me and influences me, it could also now be replaced by other things . . .

In the past, I don't think that would have worked out as well.

I am still the Odd One Out. I think on some level, I always will be. I can't escape that. It's just the way it is.

But I am not totally alone now.

I have a best friend. We're planning on being roommates next semester (Lorsh help us).

People actually choose to sit next to me now. They invite me to sit with them; to go places with them; to have fun with them.

I am not invisible.

I exist.



Me and my friends.

My friends.

Friends: People who actually like for me to be around. People whose company I enjoy and who enjoy mine.

So, if I were to change my name, I think I might change it to something funny or something weird:

1. Horizon Surfer
2. Topsy Turvy and Partly Out Of Tune
3. Drowning in Dreams
4. A Tye-Dyed French Horn

Eh, something like that. You?

On a semi-different note, I saw X-Men 2 on Friday.

Do the words "Kickass movie" mean anything to anyone else?

It was exciting. It was interesting. It showed more about the characters and their lives than the first one did.

I would definitely see it again if I had the opportunity.

Val [2:28 PM]

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